Time. After millions and millions of years people seem to fail to understand the concept of this small simple word. For a basic understanding let me just tell you this. Time is infinite, but finite at the same time. It goes on forever but ends at the same time. Every moment is it own and can never be repeated but there are always moments.

Time will always be there, but we will not.

It is because of this simple understanding that I am always baffled why if each person truly embraced this understanding wouldn’t we respect time much more? Wouldn’t we cherish time much more?

I believe ther are only two things you can never get back in this world – time and life. If this is so why don’t we spend more time getting the most out of life?

If we respected time as much as most of us cherished our life what would this do? In today’s world we try so hard not to die that it takes up so much of our precious time. If we embraced enjoying our time as much as we work to prevent death we may not fear death as much.

Life will end for all, but if you feel fulfilled will it end or just feel completed when that time comes?

If we focused on getting the most out of every interaction with our spouse, our kids, our family would it be so hard when time ended?

I wonder if it would be possible to ensure that every interaction with our spouse ends with a positive feeling. Ends with a smile and something enjoyable.

If you are washing dishes after dinner give each other a great kiss during and when complete.

If folding clothes together talk about something in the world that you hope to see one day or something funny the kids did today and as you walk towards each other with the last fold of the sheet seal the fold with a kiss.

When watching TV together during commercials play guess what I am wearing underneath. Do you really know what your spouse is wearing underneath? You get one yes or no question during each commercial break to try and figure out what is underneath. If right they remove an article to get you closer to what’s underneath. When you have figured out enough clues you can take a guess and see if you win the prize. Enjoying our time instead of losing it to the TV and not remembering the night later.

Small or large there is a way to enjoy the time you have together if you choose to cherish it. It only comes once in your life.

Can we challenge ourselves to be able to say after every interaction with our spouse – time well spent!


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